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Champion 200

The Champion 200 (CHM-200) is not your ordinary steel wheelchair. Compared to other steel wheelchairs, it is 40 percent lighter but 2 X durable. With its seamless elliptical-frame and three exciting color options, The Champion 200’s performance and appearance is sure to impress.

The Champion 200 is designed to challenge the conventional image of steel wheelchairs. The end result is not only stylish but also durable. The seamless elliptical frame achieves this goal by reducing the welding points and rectangular shape of the chair. We want to change the look of wheelchair while at the same time keep it reliable and afforable.

40% Light Weight With 2X Durability

Weighing between 14.0 kg to 14.9 kg, the Champion 200 is 40 percent lighter compared to other steel wheelchairs. It is one of the most compact and the lightest steel wheelchair on the market.

Safety Seat Belt

Toprevent elderly and physically challenged clients from accidental fall or abruptleaning.

Proper Seating Height

To promote healthy posture and eliminate any risks of heap-numbing, pressure sore and shoulder pain for seated client during prolonged driving phase.

Toxic-Free PVC Cushion

PVC is a lightweight and durable material, but it has some carcinogenic properties. Champion II is equipped with specially made Toxic-free PVC cushion to ensure hygiene, comfort and durability.

Tipping Lever

With the whole new addition of a tipper lever to pull the wheelchair over any threshold or edge, Champion II ensures easy and riskless handling from caregiver’s end.

Additional information

Weight15 kg
Dimensions97 × 86 × 23 cm


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