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INFLATABLE AND LOW NOISE & LOW VIBRATIONS : Air Bubble Mattress or Air Bed for bed ridden patients, features an Air Pump that alternates aire pressure in the air cells provided. It needs 20 minutes for the patient’s air bed to inflate completely. COMFORTABLE: Variable pressures setting on the pump for an added patient comfort. Producing constant airflow, the changeable Pump offers increased levels of pressure for a customizable experience. RELIABLE & EASY TO USE : Adjustable comfort series with a pressure-adjustable control knob and presents excellent support to bed ridden patients. It also decreases the pain of sores and pressure ulcers by controlling alternating pressure. Easy to fix the pump on the Bed Frame with an in-built hook. PORTABLE : Perfect alternative while looking for a portable, lightweight and perfect anti bedsore mattress. Heavy Duty medical Grade PVC, which can hold patients up to 100 kgs. BOX CONTAINS : Bubble Mattress, Air Pump, Connecting Tube & Repairing Kit. Product Description: Providing relief from bed sores and ulcers caused by extended bed rest, the Nasonta alternating air bed mattress benefits increased circulation and aids in managing pressure ulcers. The variable pressure mattress fairly allocates weight to relieve pressure spots for outstanding support and comfort. Perfect for immobilized or weak patients who cannot shift their weight generally. Each of the air cells alternately inflates and deflates/ alternates pressure, to form a mattress surface that smoothly distributes a patient weight and eliminates pressure points. Each air cell is thermo sealed to guarantee it will remain leak proof, for extraordinary stability. The kit contains a Bubble mattress, Adjustable Air Pump, Connecting Tube and Repairing kit (in case of a puncture). How to use: 1. Position pump on horizontal surface or hang it by means of the hooks. 2. Open pad on the bed. Secure it with end flaps or straps. Air tubes must be at the foot end of bed. 3. Connect air feed tubes to the air outlet on the pad and pump, ensuring that the tubes are not “kinked” or twisted. Allow space for bed rails to drop freely. 4. Plug the pump into a suitable electrical power source and switch on.The switch indicator should now illuminate. 5. Allow 20 minutes for the pad to inflate fully. 6. Cover with a sheet and tuck loosely. 7. Please use the pressure adjustable knob to give maximum patient comfort.
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  • Mattress
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  • Inflatable Air Bubble Mattress Anti Decubitus to Prevent Bed Sores and Pressure Adjustable Air Pump System 50-9000
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  • 50-9000
  • Nasonta
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  • Electricity

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